April Artist Talk: Philip Gabriel Steverson

Coinciding with his solo exhibition, Relics of The Chameleon, Philip Gabriel Steverson sits down at Phoenix Forge for an evening dedicated to examining his artistic practice and evolution of self. This discussion will dive into how he interprets and utilizes specific materials symbolically to make connections between the material’s previous life and his own. Topics of healing and resolve to unanswered questions prominent in his life will also be present as they help Philip conceptualize a body of work. 

Join us April 19th @ 6PM to hear Philli discuss his processes for making a body of work starting from detailed writings, to documentation / research, and the alter ego he embodies as a hunter-gatherer. 


Philip Gabriel Steverson (b. 2000) is a Phoenix-based, interdisciplinary artist from West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He graduated in the fall of 2022 from Arizona State University with Bachelors degrees in Fashion Design and Poetry.

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