Sparks and Arcs: How to weld at Phoenix Forge

Welding is one of the most powerful and versatile skills you can learn at Phoenix Forge. While the equipment—tucked into the back of our metal shop—can seem intimidating at first, our welding instructors combine their years of experience in production, manufacturing and metal arts to make the process safe and easy to learn.

If you’ve considered trying out welding, or have welding experience and want to know what’s possible at the Forge, this article is a great place to start.

What kind of welding equipment is available at Phoenix Forge?

Chris, one of our welding instructors, performs a bend with an oxy-acetylene torch

Our shop contains two Miller Multimatic arc welding stations for MIG, TIG, and stick welding, an oxy-acetylene gas welding station, and a spot welder for simple sheet metal projects. Plus, we have a hand-held plasma torch that can cut through most metals to create everything from simple shapes to more complex, templated designs.

Most members begin by learning MIG, a “glorified hot glue gun” that can handle almost anything when it comes to ferrous metals. TIG is a more difficult process, but a good next step if you are looking to work with other metals such as aluminum.

Weld It Here!

Members David and Mauricio prepare the pieces of their trailer to be welded together

Our shop staff is always here to help you learn the skills to bring your metal project to life, from household items like a desk organizer or plant stand, larger items like fences, gates, and shelving. We’ve facilitated works as big as a 12-ft trailer, and as small as a 

How to get started welding

Members Megan and Molly prepare to make their first welds during orientation

Following the general member orientation, folks interested in welding must take the metal shop orientation as well as the welding orientation to gain access to the welding equipment. Welding orientation classes are scheduled regularly each month and are open to all Phoenix Forge members.

We now offer a MIG basics class that provides a deeper dive into the process and different joining techniques, with a TIG basics and oxy-acetylene bending and brazing classes coming in 2024.

Check out our current class calendar to find the next orientation, and sign up today!

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