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Back to Basics: Techniques for Reigniting your Creativity

Feeling uninspired, or stuck in a creative rut? Want to make something totally new but afraid to start? Come to Phoenix Forge on Friday, March 1st from 5:30-7:30 to clean out the cobwebs of your creative practice with an evening of mindful making. This free and free-flowing workshop will help makers at any experience level develop new techniques to overcome perfectionist paralysis, and make friends with your inner critic—and maybe with some fellow makers, too!

We’re excited to be hosting artists David Lloyd Bradley and Tess Mosko Scherer to present The Art of Zen Drawing. This unique experience will provide a platform for self-discovery and creative exploration through the mesmerizing world of neurographic drawings. This workshop allows participants to express themselves through the creation of vibrant and dynamic artworks while engaging in a therapeutic and mindful process.

Plus, Phoenix Forge staff member and artist Lucas Anderson will kick-off the evening with a conversation demystifying the role of failure in a successful creative practice. Through purposeful reflection and simple exercises, this active discussion will help you question your relationship to perfectionism and embrace a more vulnerable creative process.

This event is designed for all ages, all levels of creative and artistic experience, and is free for Phoenix Forge members and the public. 

David Lloyd Bradley is a ceramic artist and has been a full-time professor of Art at Paradise Valley Community College since 2004 as well as the Department Head of Ceramics.

Tess Mosko Scherer has a diverse art career spanning more than 40 years as a gallerist and professional artist. Her art combines her study of the human psyche with her interest in book structures. 

Lucas Anderson is an artist and educator with a dynamic career in photography, design, and advertising, and is the Marketing and Community Engagement manager at Phoenix Forge. Their current artistic practice and research explores the material sensuality of anxiety, grief, and gender through images and installation.

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